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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance System (QA) is the set of activities set up by the University in order to achieve its Quality Policy. It involves planning, implementation and monitoring of the activities of the University aimed at ensuring achievement and maintenance of the qualitative levels set in the course of carrying out the activities themselves, as contemplated by current legislation (Law n. 240/2010 and DL No. 19/2012), which provides for the introduction of initial and periodic accreditation system for study programs and universities, of the periodic assessment of quality, efficiency and achievements of universities and for the enhancement of self-assessment system of quality and effectiveness of university teaching and research activities.

The ANVUR (National Agency for evaluation of the university and research system) has the task of setting methodologies, criteria, parameters and indicators for accreditation and periodic evaluation and, for this purpose, has set up the integrated system AVA (self-assessment , periodic evaluation, accreditation), with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and research conducted in the Universities.

Each verification results in an accreditation judgment, the outcome of a process by which a University (and its Study Courses) is recognized as possessing (Initial Accreditation) or permanence (Periodic Accreditation) of Quality Requirements that make it suitable for the performance of its institutional functions.

The process involves the University, the individual Departments and the Study Courses. The self responsible are the Presidium of the quality (of the University and the Area), the Managers of Quality Departments for Formation, the Management Groups of Quality (one for each CdS) of the Review Groups (one for each CdS ), The Teacher-Students Joint Commissions and the Evaluation Core.

ANVURNational Agency for evaluation of the university and research system
AQQuality Assurance
AVAself-assessment , periodic evaluation, accreditation
CdSStudy Course
CEVEvaluation expert committee
CPDSTeacher-Students joint commissions
FFOOrdinary financing funds
NuVEvaluation core
OIVIndependent evaluation unit
PQAUniversity quality unit
PQAArea quality unit
SUA-CdSOne-year study course card
SUA-RDOne-year departmental research card
VQRQuality research assessment

University QA
University quality unit
Engineering Area quality unit
Committees (Eng. Fac.)
Review groups and reports
CPDS and one-year reports

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