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The Annual Unique Card of the Study Course (aka SUA-CdS) contains the following informations:

  • Objectives of the training (training demand, expected learning outcomes);
  • Students experience (learning environment, assessment methods);
  • Training results (input data, path, students output and work outcomes, as well as characteristic of the final exam);
  • Organization of the Study Course and the AQ  (Organization and Responsibility in Study Course conducting, AQ Management  and Annual Review).

Civil and Environmental EngineeringSUA-CdS 2017-18SUA-CdS 2016-17 SUA-CdS 2015-16
Civil EngineeringSUA-CdS 2017-18SUA-CdS 2016-17SUA-CdS 2015-16
Environmental and Territory EngineeringSUA-CdS 2017-18SUA-CdS 2016-17SUA-CdS 2015-16
Double MS Degree in Building Engineering and ArchitectureSee Building
Eng. & Arch
See Building
Eng. & Arch
Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural HazardsSUA-CdS 2017-18      =======      =======
Building Engineering and ArchitectureSUA-CdS 2017-18SUA-CdS 2016-17SUA-CdS 2015-16