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The Annual Unique Card of the Departmental Research, annually compiled and updated, must contain:

  • research objectives of the Department;
  • quality and impact of the scientific production of the professors and researchers involved in the Department;
  • scientific responsibility for international and national research projects;
  • coordination of international research networks;
  • research funds available in the previous year;
  • direction of prestigiour magazines, editorial series, encyclopedias and treaties;
  • participation in editorial committees of prestigious magazines, editorial series, encyclopedias and treaties;
  • participation in prestigious international congress program committees;
  • conferment of teaching assignments or official fellowships at highly qualified, foreign and international universities and research institutes;
  • direction or scientific responsibility/coordination of highly qualified national or international public or private research agencies or institutes;
  • participation in prestigious academies in the field;
  • achieving awards and rewards for scientific activity;
  • achievements in technology transfer in terms of participation in the creation of spin-offs, development, use and marketing of patents as well as other third mission activities such as service activities to the territory, archaeological excavations, museum centres and moreover;
  • permanent training activities;
  • short analysis of the results and proposal for improvement interventions;

Years:     2011            2012            2013            2014

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