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Test equipment

  • Feedback structure for static and dynamic testing of structures and structural elements.
  • Machine for combined 12000 horizontal kN and 2000 vertical kN compression-shear tests.
  • 500kN MTS universal dynamic machine.
  • Tensile MTS Insight 10 Machine for the mechanical characterization of SMA samples and devices for tests on small and medium-sized.
  • AMSLER 2000 kN compression machine.
  • AMSLER 600 kN universal machine.
  • Metrocom machine for traction, compression and bending tests.
  • Machine for diagonal compression tests.
  • Machine for resilience tests.
  • Boviar 500 kN shaking machine with stiffening frame and anchorage.
  • Equipment and complete systems for data acquisition.
  • MTS 100 kN and 500 kN dynamic actuators.
  • From 100 kN to 1500 kN hydraulic and screw jacks with computer control.
  • From 200 kN to 6000 kN load cells.
  • Spectrum analyzer for dynamic tests.
  • Calculation systems: workstations, personal computers and laptops.
  • MTS System hydraulic implementation panel.
  • Various instruments: digital deformometer, strain gauge ECU, torque hammer, ultrasonic unit, aluminum sclerometer, axial extensometer, microhardometer.
  • Welding stations.
  • Thermal and mechanical measurements acquisition and processing systems.
  • Digital imaging systems.
  • Printing and plotting systems.
  • Communication systems.
  • High speed multiprocessor server ((PowerEdge R815 4x AMD Opteron 6276 - 2,3 GHz, 16Core, 16M L2/16M L3 Cache, Turbo CORE, 80W ACP - DDR3-1600MHz) structural analysis dedicated.