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DAda Lab

DAda Lab (Drawing and Architecture DocumentAtion)

The Drawing and Architecture DocumentAtion Lab (DAda Lab) works in knowledge research, development and transfer within the field of design, communication and representation for architecture. Research activities relate to the application of documentation technology aimed at conservation and management of urban landscape, histolic parks and green areas, urban environment, historical and monumental architecture; the development of appropriate methodologies for preliminary fact-finding investigations in order to offer a reliable metric and documentary base to service design, restoration, urban and landscape space planning and protection, evaluations in terms of environmental impact and diagnostics.

Applications of digital technologies aimed at detection and diagnostic, such as 3D laser scanner and photogrammetry, aimed at realizing data bases to improve conservation design, planning of historic centres, safety and seismic prevention. Data processing in order to create IT support and digital archives of the territory.

Educational opportunities
The laboratory was founded as a transversal opportunitiy to teaching by offering a practice of doing where students can participate in a process of knowledge building based on direct experience. Practical application of various detection methodologies, from traditional to more advanced digital ones, for architecture knowledge, is aimed at investigating the contribute that various image assessment tools can offer to the documentation process of the built heritage.
The laboratory offers a specifically equipped physical space and is intended to create chances for professors, researchers, technicians and students to cooperate to plan, experience and make research together.

The DAda Lab promotes training courses and workshops for students, staff and non-employees. Courses are oriented to the teaching of specific softwares for Graphics, Architecture, Cartography and multimedial applications.