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Materials and Structures Tests Official Laboratory

DICAr is provided with one of the bigger italian university experimen laboratories where up to 36 meters wide and 7 meters high structures behaviour can be studied. Together with neighbouring EUCentre's Laboratory, which there is a close partenership with, it's one of the most important european experiment poles in seismic engineering. Nearby lab's tests, DICAR's Material and Structures Section also makes direct in situ studies, monitoring and tests on existing structures such as bridges, towers buildings and other kinds of civil and industrial structures.
Experimental proofs on traditional and original building materials and structures are carried out, and also static and dynamic proofs on steel, concrete, prestressed concrete and masonry structures and structural elements, load tests on outer structures together with deformation state measurement, deformation profile evolution in time survey, structural diagnosis, strenghtening techniques.
In mechanical field, experimental proofs on machineries and machanical elements can be carried out using accelerometers, laser scanners, load cells, encoders, etc. Moreover, hardness tests using hardness microtesters can be carried out.

Materials reception time in Official Materials Testing Laboratory:
Monday-Friday 9.00-12.00