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  • SAES Getters Group: "Validation of SMA constitutive model"

  • Società HITALFA srl in collaboration with Smarrita Camilla design + NONESISTE DesignLab: "Feasibility study for the design of an opening and sliding mechanism for wardrobe doors, with innovative and universal features such that the same mechanism may work for a wide variety of doors, without requiring custom-made solutions"

  • Agom international srl: "Polymer active surfaces using shape memory alloys"

  • Nokia Corporation: "Analysis of Actuators with Shape Memory Effects"

  • Istituto per l’Energetica e le Interfasi (IENI) - CNR: "Finite element modeling for the simulation of shape memory alloy devices"

  • EUCENTRE: "Finite element implementation for the development of the assisted design software ProSA"

  • Fast-Form S.r.l.: "Naval use of polyutheran composites"

  • Fedegari Autoclavi "Design indications for rectangular pressure vessels"

  • Fiat Research Center: "Functional adaptive composites"

  • MSC Marc (MSC Software Corporation, USA) and LS-Dyna (Livermore Software Technology Corporation, USA): "Implementation of shape-memory alloy constitutive models"

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